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Biblical Psychology I-Catalog


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Full course description

Course Description:

This course is designed to help students understand the differences in the doctrinal foundations, influences and biblical perspectives of evangelicalism and apostleship. Students will examine the fine point distinctions that differentiate both scriptural models and their very essential yet discrete roles in God's kingdom infrastructure.

A multi-phase training that equips apostles and prophets to be soul healers after they have as Jesus told Peter been cleansed and converted themselves. This course takes a bible-based psycho-spiritual approach to the traditional treatments of soul deficiencies that mentally and physically affect the mind and the body. 3D is a soul restoration plan that moves an individual through various development stages that take their life from distress to success. Its crux focuses on 3 D's that break the cycle of internal bondage and bring a soul into a place of wholesome thinking, and comprehensive healing. The course will take students through the decisions, discoveries, and deliverances that lead to soul freedom. It prepares them to be healed healers as upcoming ministers and understanding the process of bondage, deliverance, healing and then restoration.



Course Objectives:

  • Examining the 3D's of Soul Healing and Restoration
  • Confronting the root sources of soul addictions and deficiencies
  • Understanding the role of the "inner vow" as a motive for addiction
  • Identifying what legitimizes the cycle of addiction and bondage
  • Unmasking "soul" guardians that enforce soul debilitation
  • Exploring the power of emotional disappointment
  • Unraveling the addiction disguises
  • Learning to revise pain memories
  • Learning to reset the mind's addiction triggers
  • Learning to live an addiction free lifestyle
  • Implementing support anchors to reinforce freedom

Important Course Information

Course Length 

This is a self-paced course for personal or professional development. Self-paced students will have 120 days to complete this course. Once you have completed your final skills-building test you will receive a certificate of completion for the course. This will end your training experience. Courses will remain available after the 120-day period but students will not receive a certificate past this deadline. Students must get a passing grade on their final skills-building test to receive a certificate of completion. Credit transfers may be considered upon request. Students who want to receive university credit for a self-study course can contact the university at

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Certificate of Completion

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Assignments & Grades 

There are no official assignments or grades given for self-study courses. Students can participate in suggested personal or professional enrichment activities given throughout the course. All students will need to complete a final skills-building test to complete their training experience and receive a certificate of completion. This test is designed to assess the learner's assimilation of the information received and the skills gained. A grade will be assessed to measure these outcomes. If a student wants greater engagement and feedback during their learning experience they can schedule academic coaching sessions with one of our University professionals. These can be scheduled by visiting For more information please contact us at

Work submissions 

This course does not require you to submit any work. You will only need to complete your skills-building test to receive your certificate of completion. Some courses may provide discussion opportunities. Feel free to engage in these for your own personal enrichment.

Course Availability 

Price University reserves the right to open and close courses throughout an academic year. Students enrolled in a course that will be closing or no longer available will receive notification of such changes prior to this action. Students who purchased courses that have been taken will also receive notification that access to this course will no longer be available for reference. Credits and transcripts will retain course information for professional and personal records. 

Course Evaluation 

Students will have an opportunity to provide course feedback to the University on their learning experience. At the end of your course, a brief survey will be provided to help us continue improving our course offerings. All feedback is anonymous. Please complete this and submit it at the end of your training. Thank you in advance for your participation.