C2C Practical Diploma Ordination Preparation Program


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Full program description

Program Purpose: 

To inform students spiritually, ministerially, and academically to undertake the ever-changing demands of 21st Century ministry service.

Program Description:

Our Practical Diploma Ordination Preparation Program is a ministry concepts and acclimation program that is designed to provide students with a conceptual knowledge of God’s kingdom office essentials. It paints broad stroke pictures of biblical ministry in the future.

Price University-Fayetteville Diploma students will receive a brief overview of Christian ministry foundations. As an orientation program, it is designed to provide students with a summarized knowledge of God and His Kingdom, especially its offices. A diploma will be awarded when the prerequisites necessary for competent service as a minister are well demonstrated. The Diploma program consists of 24 courses.

Program Objectives:

The objectives of the Practical Ministry diploma program are to:

  • Provide a synoptic overview of Christian ministry and its practices, perspectives, and attitudes as needed to fulfill or ably support the duties and initiatives of a ministry position.
  • Provide a general understanding of apostolic and prophetic foundations as scripture’s organic root to accustom students to the uniqueness of Apostolic Christianity as the ecclesia’s taproot.
  • Frame and enlarge student’s consciousness formatted and trained to traditional evangelical ideas only to adapt apostleship as the Bible’s organic foundation so they know how to attract, appeal to, and transform their followers, students, and mentees into Apostolic Christians according to Scripture.
  • Reiterate the psyche and behaviors of Christ’s new creation developments such as salvation and redemption fostered by the principles of the Holy Spirit’s seal, sanctification, and sovereignty in and over the believer. 
  • Draw comparative lines between religion versus redemption and culture versus Christianity so students can propagate and defend their education in the church and the world. 
  • Motivate the student’s learning path from typical gift expression dominance to the Lord’s rationale for office execution and how the two work together in active ministry.
  • Draw critical parallels between student private devotions to show how they must change for the student to become effective in service to public office.
  • Illustrate God as the savior and the sovereign separately and jointly through lectures and examples on the Godhead. 
  • Expound the fundaments of threefold and five-fold leadership and their duty to kingdom service and government. 
  • Review routine ministry acts that are spiritually utilized, such as spiritual gifts, prophecy, priestly service and more for theory to make its way into practice for students to replace idealistic conceptions with down to earth realities. 

Course Length

This is a self-paced course for ministry ordination preparation. Once you have completed your program requirements, within the completion window of 900 days, you will receive a certificate of completion at the end of your program of study. 

Terms and Payments

There is a one-time payment to access our courses. All course payments are non-refundable. Please be sure to thoroughly review course descriptions and requirements before purchasing. All courses will be made available immediately upon purchase. Your courses are for ministry ordination preparation use only and must be completed within the time specified. All completed courses will be credited to the ordination preparation program. For any further questions about payments and refunds, please contact your affiliate campus.


You will receive a certificate of completion once you have completed all 24 courses in your program of study. This certificate of completion will be automatically generated as proof of meeting all requirements. Students who pass will qualify to receive an official Practical Ministry Diploma. The conference of this credential includes a certified license for ministry from Price University.


Practical Ministry offers a certified Ministry Diploma upon completion of the program to qualified students. This includes eligibility for licensure or ordination.