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What the Bible is all About-Catalog

Time limit: 120 days

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Full course description

Course Description

This is an orientation course that applies the study of the eternal scriptures that goes beyond quotes or recitations to how the scriptures evidence themselves in everyday life and impact the human experience. Doctrines taken from this course demonstrate why and how the almighty designed it to do so. The goal is to introduce students to the God's history, deeds, and life before and after the world began. 

Course Objectives:

  • To explore the Bible as God's Eternal Continuum
  • To define scriptures continuum 
  • To trace scripture origins biblically from heaven to earth 
  • To explore God’s experience, interactions, & involvement With His creaturehood and their reaction to him in their lives & world
  • To present a basis for Scripture Authority 
  • To provide foundation principles for valid & reliable scripture study
  • To rightly divide and apply principles learned in the study of God's Word
  • To prepare students to accurately doctrinize & communicate His Holy Word.
  • To equip students to act on what you hear & learn as Truth.
Student Learning Outcomes:
  • Students can articulate the principal foundations of scripture
  • Students will identify where scripture comes from and how God uses it shape creation events
  • Students can define the continuum in scripture
  • Students can distinguish the attributes of God’s sovereignty from His role as servant, savior, and messiah.
  • Students can identify what is holistic gospel from the gospel of salvation.

Important Course Information

Course Length 

This is a self-paced course for personal or professional development. Self-paced students will have 120 days to complete this course. Once you have completed your final skills-building test you will receive a certificate of completion for the course. This will end your training experience. Courses will remain available after the 120-day period but students will not receive a certificate past this deadline. Students must get a passing grade on their final skills-building test to receive a certificate of completion. Credit transfers may be considered upon request. Students who want to receive university credit for a self-study course can contact the university at

Refunds and Payments: 

There is a one-time payment to access our courses. All course payments are non-refundable. Please be sure to thoroughly review course descriptions and requirements before purchasing. All courses will be made available immediately upon purchase. Courses are for professional or personal use only and can be completed at the convenience of the student. There are varying timelines for students who wish to receive a certificate of completion. For any further questions about payments and refunds, please contact us at

Certificate of Completion

For single courses not contained within one of our independent learning programs, participants will receive a certificate of completion at the end of their training experience if completed within 120 days. This will indicate the end of the course period. If the course is not completed within that time period a certificate will not be granted. Students can still complete coursework beyond the 120-day period. The course will remain available unless the course is no longer being offered by the University. However, students who miss the deadline forfeit the right to their completion certificate. Please note courses that are a part of a program will generate a certificate once the last course of that program has been completed. You will not receive a certificate for each course within a program or module. All courses are self-paced and have varying deadlines for completion. 

Assignments & Grades 

There are no official assignments or grades given for self-study courses. Students can participate in suggested personal or professional enrichment activities given throughout the course. All students will need to complete a final skills-building test to complete their training experience and receive a certificate of completion. This test is designed to assess the learner's assimilation of the information received and the skills gained. A grade will be assessed to measure these outcomes. If a student wants greater engagement and feedback during their learning experience they can schedule academic coaching sessions with one of our University professionals. These can be scheduled by visiting For more information please contact us at

Work submissions 

This course does not require you to submit any work. You will only need to complete your skills-building test to receive your certificate of completion. Some courses may provide discussion opportunities. Feel free to engage in these for your own personal enrichment.

Course Availability 

Price University reserves the right to open and close courses throughout an academic year. Students enrolled in a course that will be closing or no longer available will receive notification of such changes prior to this action. Students who purchased courses that have been taken will also receive notification that access to this course will no longer be available for reference. Credits and transcripts will retain course information for professional and personal records. 

Course Evaluation 

Students will have an opportunity to provide course feedback to the University on their learning experience. At the end of your course, a brief survey will be provided to help us continue improving our course offerings. All feedback is anonymous. Please complete this and submit it at the end of your training. Thank you in advance for your participation.